How to Keep More of Your Money, Without Spending More of Your Time.

With WSJ Bestselling Author Candy Valentino, and her 25 years of business growth and investing experience.




25 Years of Business Growth and Investing Experience

Learn how to build wealth today and every single day after that with the guidance and support of WSJ Bestselling Author Candy Valentino!

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Being an entrepreneur can be hard!

Over my 25 years of experience I have found that most entrepreneurs are doing things the hard way:
  • You're wearing all the hats in your business
  • You are operating more as an employee instead of an owner of the business
  • You're running your business in a reactive state 
  • You are uncertain how to plan or forecast your finances 
  • You feel isolated like you are alone on an island by yourself
  • Your business appears to be making money but it is NOT translating to your personal net worth
  • Your trying so hard but the needle just isn't moving 

Are you ready to join THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs who are INCREASING their cash flow WITHOUT working MORE HOURS, launching new products, or learning new marketing trends?



Do You Want to Keep More of Your Money, 

Without Spending More of Your Time.

In less than 30 minutes you'll get the strategies you need to create the life you truly desire.

  • Secret #1 – H ow to generate new cash flow without working more hours, launching new offers, or learning the latest marketing tactics. 
  • Secret #2 – H ow to pay less taxes and keep more of what you make without risking an IRS audit. 
  • Secret #3 – Ho w to 30x your productivity (for real!) and create true freedom without trading time for money


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Rick Steele

Founder & Executive Chairman, SelectBlinds and PGA Trustee

“I love the way Candy thinks. She shows you how to collapse time in a way the most successful people I know have done: breaking wealth down to the simplest form of the game to create success. This workshop should be required for every high school student, aspiring entrepreneur, or anyone who wants to turn the tables on their current financial situation."



Candy Valentino

From a trailer on government assistance, to starting her first company at 19. Candy built, scaled and exited two companies with no degree, no corporate background and no money.

Over the last 25 years, she has been building businesses in diverse industries while creating creating wealth through investing in real estate.

Candy is the WSJ Best-Selling Author of 'Wealth Habits', which she wrote after spending the last two and a half decades as a successful business leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

She is a frequent business and financial analyst for the media and has received numerous awards and accolades. 

"Her wisdom and message belong in the hands of every student, every entrepreneur, and every person who wants to take control of their future, attain success, and create wealth."

- Amy Lacey

Founder, Cali’flour Foods, bestselling author, Cali’flour Kitchen

"I had tears at the end of this. I cannot believe the amount of value that I got from this workshop! It is worth 10 TIMES the amount I paid. It's truly a mastery-level workshop." 

- Kelly Ward

Tax Strategist and CPA Professional

"Candy does a masterful job of giving you actionable steps to put you on the path to financial freedom. She has cracked the code, and if you are looking to change your financial reality, this is for you."

- Todd Davis

Founder and Retired CEO, LifeLock 

Money Mastery Workshop

Stop trading your time for money!