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I know what it's like to feel like none of your friends understand the demands, the stress and the worry about making payroll, scaling a business or making your team and customers happy.

I know what it's like to climb to the top and once you get there you find yourself looking around saying, "Is this all there is?" 

I know what it's like being a business owner, sales manager, IT department, marketing director and janitor at the same time  on any one given day of the week. I get it. 

I too have felt frustrated working with coaches, consultants and group facilitators who never once signed the front of a paycheck let alone understand the struggles of creating, growing and surviving in an ever changing business market and economic climate. They simply don't speak our language.

WeRise is different. You may be in business FOR yourself,  but you don't have to be in it BY yourself.  


LIVE MEETINGS This elite group meets monthly. Can't make one of the meetings? That's OK, we know life happens. We live stream and record each meeting so you can attend anytime from anywhere in the world without having to miss the value, training and fun.

GROWTH FOCUSED This is NOT networking and this is NOT going to waste your time. You're busy and your time is priceless. This group is for women who are looking to up level their life in every aspect - business, finances, relationships, energy, productivity, contribution +


PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: For members to connect on important issues, sidebar discussions and deepen relationships and connections within the tribe.

SUCCESS ORIENTATED: If we aren't climbing, we're sliding. The goal is to grow. There are 3 keys pieces to each meeting that will facilitate business growth, personal development, increase energy and maximize the talents and skills of the group as a whole. Because TOGETHER, WeRise.


It's Easy To Get Stuck At The Top But You Don't Have To Stay There. There Is Another Level. 


Breakthrough limiting beliefs and patterns holding you back from the next level.

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Receive support and encouragement as you climb towards your goals.


Elevate your energy, finances, psychology so you can get to where you want to go.


To join this elite group of women entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their lives, businesses, income and relationships, click the link below.  

Rising higher. Inspiring Others. Supporting Women. Empowering Entrepreneurs.

Limited Spots Available! 



If after attending your first meeting of WeRise, you do not feel that you will receive at least $25,000 in added value to your business during the next 12 months, simply turn in your materials and we will give you a full refund of your membership fee.