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Breaking Your Glass Ceiling with Tamala McBath

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Being an entrepreneur is filled with with challenges, triumphs, and lessons that carve the way for future leaders. In this edition of the Candy Valentino Show, we had the privilege of searching into the remarkable story of Tamala McBath, a seasoned entrepreneur, business leader and CEO of Dress For Success. 

The Journey

Tamala McBath's journey is a testament to financing your own dream. As a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background in operations and finance, Tamala bootstrapped her first business, gaining invaluable experience. "I call it financing your own dream. I had to figure it out and really did it." She is a risk-taker at heart, who shared her entrepreneurial initiation on our show, emphasizing the significance of taking control of your own path.


Key Takeaway: Financing your own dream requires determination and a willingness to embrace challenges head-on.

Tackling Leadership Disparities

In male-dominated spaces, Tamala’s unique approach to risk management, rooted in her extensive experience in healthcare operations and finance, shone through. She reminds us that "Preparation is important. Never feel entitled to be in that room, be ready to prove yourself." Her ability to navigate these spaces is a reminder of the importance of preparedness and skill.


How do you prepare to face industry challenges in your field?


Lessons to Navigate the Challenging World of Entrepreneurship is a segment in my blog that offers vital lessons for entrepreneurs taking off on their journey in today's dynamic business world. Drawing from diverse experiences and insights, these lessons serve as a beacon, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the often turbulent waters of starting and running a business. They complement Tamalas narrative, providing a broader context and practical advice for those looking to carve their path in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Strategies for Women's Success in Business

Tamala faced stereotypes and biases as a woman of color, yet she turned these into opportunities for growth. "I lead with my knowledge, my skill sets, and my personality. Too many women have gone in before us and weren't prepared," she advises. Her strategy involves leading with knowledge, skills, and personality, ensuring there's no room for preconceived notions.

Importance of Mentorship

Her emotional intelligence shines in her leadership style.  Tamala understands the human aspect of business—acknowledging strengths and weaknesses—and it is a testament to her inclusive approach. By fostering an environment that supports personal and professional growth, she demonstrates how understanding and nurturing the whole person is crucial for successful leadership.


Share your experiences with mentorship in the comments below!

Resilience in Adversity

Tamala's commitment to developing leaders highlights the importance of investing in team members. Her philosophy, "I'm a leader of leaders," underscores the value of creating and supporting leaders within any organization. This approach not only builds resilience but also ensures a legacy of strong leadership.

Supporting Women in Business Networks

Her use of practical tools like SWOT analysis reveals her methodical approach to leadership. This analytical technique aids her in assessing teams and individuals, showcasing her strategic mindset in nurturing and guiding her team. Her approach serves as a model for women in business, emphasizing the importance of structured and thoughtful strategies.


Fact: Did you know that structured strategies like SWOT analysis can significantly enhance team performance?

Power of Intentional Inclusivity

Her insights into business success revolve around strategy, resilience, and a deep understanding of people. These transformative insights, shared on the Candy Valentino Show, reveal the importance of intentional inclusivity in the business world. 

Supporting Dress for Success Phoenix

Tamala's journey took an unexpected turn when she stepped into the nonprofit sector as the leader of Dress for Success Phoenix. Addressing the misconception that smaller nonprofits could be poorly run, Tamala stressed the importance of pace and intentional listening. Her analogy likening fundraising to raising capital in a for-profit business offered a fresh perspective, emphasizing the need for results and impact.

Banking and Poverty

She raises concerns about the potential perpetuation of poverty when people are directed towards alternative financial services, such as prepaid cards, instead of encouraging them to have bank accounts. McBath questions whether certain practices, like providing financial assistance through cards without requiring a bank account, contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty or unintentionally feed into it.

The Importance of Hope

McBath emphasizes the significance of instilling hope in individuals, asserting that hope is a crucial factor in motivating people to believe they can create a different future for themselves. The need to show people different pathways and acknowledge their talents and gifts is stressed, as it can contribute to changing their circumstances.

Equity and Inclusion

The discussion moves towards equity and inclusion, with McBath noting the importance of diversity for healthier bottom lines in businesses. The distinction between equality and equity is highlighted, emphasizing the need to go beyond providing equal opportunities to ensure equitable access and decision-making power. She stresses the significance of being intentional about diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects, including providing access to the necessary tools and resources.

Closing Thoughts

As our conversation wrapped up, Tamala and I found ourselves inspired by the incredible potential for change when women unite in business and support each other. The impact of intentional collaboration is deep, and we believe it's a force that can reshape not just individual careers but entire communities.

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